Donating To Rescues & Charities Worldwide


A New Year brings upon change, and behind the scenes there have been huge changes taking place here at A Gecko And His Pj’s.

Primarily one of our biggest changes has been the extraordinary addition of our New U.K. partner and head of our New Cat Division: Blossom (Instagram: @theblossomingsiamese)


A portion from each and every product sold is given to various Rescues & Charities in need.


Meet Tigger

Hello, I’m Tigger, a hard working yet fun loving Leopard Gecko trying to spread the word about True Inner Beauty. Due to a unexpected and unpreventable blood clot that formed in my tail, I had to undergo a difficult and problematic tail amputation. For months both my Mama and Nanny made me my very own pj’s to keep me from nibbling my nub while it healed. Quickly I became known as “A Gecko And His Pj’s”.

The Inner Beauty Ambassador Movement

At first, the realization that I was never going to look the same or like all the other Leopard Geckos, broke my heart. I was scared to look different, scared to be different and scared I would no longer fit in. Then my family made me stop and realize that True Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our “Imperfections” are what make us truly special, unique and just perfect! It was at that very moment that I decided to go on a mission. To spread the message of Inner Beauty world wide, and just like that, an Inner Beauty Ambassador was born. 

Becoming A CEO

After a long group discussion, my family and I decided we wanted to help pay it forward. We opened a small family run business “A Gecko And His Pj’s” with a variety of products for both animals and their humans alike. A portion from every item sold is donated to a variety of Rescues & Charities worldwide. Being a CEO is definitely lots of hard work, but knowing this little business can help spread the Inner Beauty Movement and help raise money for Rescues and Charities in need makes it all so worth while. So every morning this little gecko puts on his custom CEO suit and tackles his dreams, no matter how big or small they may be. 

Leopard Gecko in his custom made CEO cape.



Made in collaboration with:

Ubby’s N’ Stuff.

Super soft washable fleece.

Available colours: 2 Tone Brown, Light Pink & Light Blue.

**Personalization available**