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Whats an Ubby you ask?

An Ubby is a super soft and cozy blanket that is perfect for cuddling & snuggling. The ideal blanket for our furry friends, scaly friends and everyone in between.
Everybody needs an Ubby!

Ubby’s N Stuff not only creates the best blankets, but you can also purchase phenomenal beds, capes, snuggle hides, snuggle covers, costumes, Christmas stockings, sport jerseys and dog bone toys. All products can be personalized with names, designs and even custom logos. 

Wheather for your own pets or a gift for someone special, we definitely recommend checking out everything Ubby’s N’ Stuff has to offer. With fabulous customer service and quality products, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Ubby's N' Stuff Instagram



Claire is the extremely talented artist behind the scenes at Pawsome Purrtraits. 

Sadly in 2017 Claire lost her beloved dog Homer at the tender age of two to cancer. Feeling hopeless and struggling to make sense of it all, Claire, after a twenty year break picked up a pencil and began to draw again.   

Claire's first portrait was of course of no other then her pup Homer. She posted her finished artwork on social media and instantly her masterpiece began to gain interest. People began to request custom memorial portraits of their own pets. It was not long after that Claire had a wonderful and inspirational idea, The 50 State Challenge.   

Claire began to offer one pet owner per state a free memorial portrait of their pet. She began this challenge in loving memory of her boy Homer and to help spread awareness about animal cancer (research).   

You can check out Claire's 50 State memorial portraits on her Instagram page, along with many other magnificent custom masterpieces.   

Custom portraits, mini portraits and other products (including gift certificates) are now available from Pawsome Purrtraits on Instagram. 


Brianna Kenney is an amazingly talented character designer and visual development artist from New England, with a BFA in Digital Media. 

While Brianna specializes in character design and visual development, she always enjoys taking on various new challenges. Using both digital and traditional mediums, her true calling is bringing fantastic characters and worlds to life. Brianna’s goal is to make her way into the fast-paced and amazing world of art and design--the only place she has ever wanted to be! 

You can see all of Brianna’s amazing work on her website:

Also be sure to check out one of Brianna’s newest projects: Goodies By Bri.
Brianna has started designing some awesome and unique hard enamel pins with more products to come. Be sure to follow Goodies By Bri on Instagram for the latest and greatest updates!




Hailey Coogan is a phenomenal artist working primarily in Pen, Ink and watercolours.

Hailey's art work is mostly images of her local foliage and fauna but she is also an avid reptile enthusiast. This allows Hailey to see the beauty in non-traditional subjects.

You can view Hailey's amazing art on her Instagram page and Website where you can also contact her for further information about her custom artwork.




Eleanor is the uniquely brilliant artist behind the artwork of Little BIG Artist.

Eleanor veered towards art at a very young age. With learning difficulties, Eleanor struggled with words/speech, so many of her schooling lessons involved drawing (rather than speech) to learn how to express herself. 

Even with a large amount of art incorporated into her life, Eleanor had still not completely fallen in love with drawing and had not yet mastered the art. Once she reached High School, she realized what she was truly capable of. Eleanor decided to go against the grain, and regardless of her teachers dislikes, she decided to do her art her own way, as different as she could. Thankfully in the end, her teachers changed their minds and realised how truly talented Eleanor is. 

Working mostly with watercolours and pens, Eleanor’s favourite subject to draw are animal portraits, though she is more than capable of drawing other subjects as well.

Currently Eleanor showcases her work on her Instagram page and accepts commissions. She is now drawing custom pieces for clients all over the world, which is truly her dream come true.

Little BIG Artist Instagram