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Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassador FIONA Products (FREE SHIPPING)

Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassador FIONA Products (FREE SHIPPING)

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Meet Fiona Our Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassador.

At the age of about 6-7 years old, Fiona found herself abandoned in a cold shelter, blind (born with cataracts), dehydrated, emaciated and had lost all her fur. At this point Fiona had also lost all hope, until one day a lady saw Fiona. The Lady made a phone call and before Fiona knew it, she was in the lady’s car and on her way to her house. Fiona came to find out that the lady was actually a volunteer for The Blind Dog Rescue Alliance.

The nice lady took Fiona to the vets. Fiona was diagnosed as gluten intolerant and prescribed a special diet. Within 6 months Fiona had stopped scratching and her fur had grown back. At this point Fiona was ready to be transported to her new foster home in Philadelphia. After six months in foster, Fiona was finally adopted! Fiona spent her first night snuggled up with her new pawrents in their big comfy bed.

About a month after being adopted, Fiona’s pawrents took her to see an ophthalmologist. It was determined that Fiona needed immediate cataract surgery. For the first time in 7 years, Fiona saw the light of day! She was able to see shadows in front and on the side of her. Unfortunately as the Dr. predicted, with age Fiona’s eyesight has deteriorated, but she is still able to see some dark shadows and bright lights.

Fiona also lost her hearing at 8 years old. This was due to horrendous ear infections she constantly had before she was rescued. Her and her family learned to communicate through touch, and they feel it’s the best language there is.

In the end, Fiona has gone from a disabled homeless doggie to a doggie who has no limits. She is truly living her best life in such a loving home with phenomenal pawrents.

Currently Fiona is battling her second cancer diagnosis. Last year Fiona fought and beat cancer and is determined to do so again this time.

Go Fiona Go. We love you!

Proceeds from the sales of all Fiona’s products will be donated The Blind Dog Rescue Alliance (Instagram: @blind_dog_rescue_alliance) as per Fiona’s request.

The Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming blind and visually impaired dogs throughout the US and Canada.

Don’t forget to check out/follow Fiona on Instagram: @fiona__blind_dog_rescue .... If you love a doggie with class, sass and a whole lot of cuteness, then you will certainly love Fiona’s account.


Fiona’s Inner Beauty Ambassador Keychain features:

-2.8cm/1.10” stainless steel flat split keyring
-Stainless steel hanger bead
-Stainless steel jump rings
-Stainless steel “Perfectly Imperfect” charm
-Zinc alloy “Redefine Beautiful” (double sided) charm

-Zinc alloy “You Are Loved” charm

“Perfectly Imperfect”/“Beautiful Inside & Out” Collar Charms/Bag Charms feature:

-Stainless steel quote circle charm
-Stainless steel lobster claps or split ring

-Stainless steel jump ring

**For Collar Charms, we recommend choosing a split ring attachment for longevity/durability. For Bag Charms, lobster clap attachments make for a great interchangeable (convenient) option.**

All orders will be shipped with one of Fiona’s Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassador thank you cards.