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Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassador IMPY Products (FREE SHIPPING)

Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassador IMPY Products (FREE SHIPPING)

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Meet Impy, Our Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassador.

Impy was rescued from horrendous conditions. She was living in a 10 gallon tank with no UVB and only a heat rock. She already had extremely stunted growth and malformations from severe metabolic bone disease. Her jaw bone was like rubber. The vets were not very optimistic at first, but Impy is a true fighter, and with the love and care from her family Impy has now grown so much stronger. She is now a happy girl that loves to eat everything and enjoys life. She may not look or be built like most Beardies but she acts and lives her life as if she is. Impy is truly beautiful Inside & Out!

Impy’s Mama has spent many years dedicating her life to animals. She has adopted, fostered and helped rehome so many in need, advocating for them and being their voice.

Even now Impy has a large family with many brothers and sisters:

Jack (Bearded Dragon) Rescued with 3 types of worms which caused an enlarged liver.

Sally (Bearded Dragon) Had egg binding where they also found a mass on her uterus during surgery before removing it.

Herbie (Beaded Dragon) Was extremely aggressive and overweight when rescued.

Rango (Bearded Dragon) Was only 22 grams at 7-9 months old, almost blind with missing toes and a portion of tail.

Kai (Bearded Dragon) Rescued with a partially broken back and neck from being thrown outside on a porch and stepped on.

Draco (Bearded Dragon) Had a fractured pelvis and is currently being tested/treated for intermittent swelling of her legs.

Stella (Doggie) and 2 Leopard Gecko siblings.

There has also been Oscar and Cora that have crossed Rainbow Bridge.

Cora (Bearded Dragon) Was very aggressive and underweight when rescued.

Oscar (Doggie) Their first rescue doggie found by Impy’s grandpa, tied up in a demolition home in florida, starved, beaten and shot with bb's.

Despite all their beginnings, they all now live a very happy and loved life. Impy is one very special girl with a very special family.

Proceeds from the sales of all Impy’s products will be donated to Scaly Hearts Reptile Rescue (Instagram: @scalyheartsrescue) as per Impy’s request.

Scaly Hearts Reptile Rescue is located in Titusville, Florida. They rescue neglected, abused and unwanted reptiles.

Don’t forget to check out/follow Impy on Instagram: @weird_lizard.lady ....They post amazing pics and are one phenomenal family.


Impy’s Inner Beauty Ambassador Keychain features:

-2.8cm/1.10” stainless steel flat split keyring
-Stainless steel hanger bead
-Stainless steel jump rings
-Stainless steel “Perfectly Imperfect” charm
-Zinc alloy “Redefine Beautiful” (double sided) charm

-Stainless steel Bearded Dragon charm

“Perfectly Imperfect”/“Beautiful Inside & Out” Collar Charms/Bag Charms feature:

-Stainless steel quote circle charm
-Stainless steel lobster claps or split ring
-Stainless steel jump ring

**For Collar Charms, we recommend choosing a split ring attachment for longevity/durability. For Bag Charms, lobster clap attachments make for a great interchangeable (convenient) option.**

All orders will be shipped with one of Impy’s Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassador thank you cards.