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Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassadors THE HAMILL FAMILY Products (FREE SHIPPING)

Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassadors THE HAMILL FAMILY Products (FREE SHIPPING)

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Meet The Hamill Family, Our Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassadors.

4 years ago The Hamill Family would have never guessed they would have grown into a Reptile family. At that point, with only their Cat Presley, Mama Hamill unexpectedly fell in love with a little precious baby silkback Bearded Dragon (now named Leonard). Leonard is the sweetest and most docile boy, and was the Beardie that sparked Mama Hamill’s love for Reptiles.

Since then, the Hamill family has adopted Gizmo (Crested Gecko) and Sheldon and Penny (Bearded Dragons). Sheldon is your classic Beardie (not a silkback). He is very sassy and mostly prefers to keep to himself. Penny is another silkback. The Hamill family adopted him after he was taken to their local pet store missing a bunch of toes and covered in stuck shed. Despite his horrible start, Penny is an adorable boy that is trusting and very sweet. They also have a tree frog named Hopper and Mr. Hamill is the proud owner of a conure named Chevy.

The Hamill family love their little zoo and feel very lucky to have all their babies in their lives.

Proceeds from the sales of all The Hamill Family’s products will be donated to Little Res Q Reptile Rescue (Instagram: @littleresq) as per The Hamill Family’s request.

The Little RES Q is Ontario’s first CRA registered charity reptile rescue specializing in one of the world's most misunderstood animals, the Red Ear Slider. Starting life as a coin sized pet, sliders often grow up to a foot in length and require aquariums larger than most people assume, and many of these creatures find their way into local streams and rivers. As a volunteer run shelter that does not receive any formal government assistance, we rely solely on donations from the public to continue our mission to provide a temporary shelter for reptiles that no longer have a place to call home.

Don’t forget to check out/follow The Hamill Family on Instagram: @sheriphyne ....They post loads of adorable pics that are sure to make you smile.


 The Hamill Family’s Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassador Keychain features:

-2.8cm/1.10” stainless steel flat split keyring
-Stainless steel hanger bead
-Stainless steel jump rings
-Stainless steel “Perfectly Imperfect” charm
-Zinc alloy “Redefine Beautiful” (double sided) charm
-Stainless steel “LOVE” charm
“Perfectly Imperfect”/“Beautiful Inside & Out” Collar Charms/Bag Charms feature:

-Stainless steel quote circle charm
-Stainless steel lobster claps or split ring
-Stainless steel jump ring

**For Collar Charms, we recommend choosing a split ring attachment for longevity/durability. For Bag Charms, lobster clap attachments make for a great interchangeable (convenient) option.**

All orders will be shipped with one of The Hamill Family’s Honorary Inner Beauty Ambassador thank you cards.